Who We Are

We are an Omani agency committed to providing professional, integrated marketing communication solutions.
At Bayan Tebyan, we deliver inspired result-driven services, featuring strict quality assurance and detailed monitoring to achieve excellence across all deliverables. Our in-depth understanding of the local market and native culture enables us to tailor our solutions to efficiently meet clients’ needs with distinction.

Bayan Tebyan holds its client relationships in the highest regard, as it not only considers clients to be business associates, but strategic partners. We gladly go the extra mile to promote our ‘partners’ brand, communicate their messages, and strengthen their company’s relationship with its stakeholders.

What Do We Do

Creativity & Production

Bayan Tebyan’s team specialises in the creation of distinctive brand identities, notable for their compelling designs. Within our strategic design processes, we research vigorously to develop dynamic, vibrant and cohesive solutions that can be seamlessly applied to events, public relations and digital communication. In addition to producing new designs, we effectively nurture, revitalize and ultimately drive brand equity. Our extensive production service guarantees quality through consultation and vendor management, in addition to monitoring and assurance.

Public Relations

Bayan Tebyan considers public relations (PR) to be the strategic engagement of an institution with its stakeholders, a mode of communication with the purpose of developing and maintaining a positive reputation, whilst building and strengthening trustworthy relationships. We utilize our services in PR and media engagement to cultivate strong relations with both our clients and the public, in addition to nurturing fully established, stagnant or damaged brand identities, and maintaining control during crisis situations.

Digital Communication

Websites, mobile apps and social media platforms provide the most transparent, interactive and engaging form of communication for contemporary brands. With the advantage of more personalized, “real-time” interactivity, Bayan Tebyan helps to deliver a sense of availability for all stakeholders, and facilitate a more intimate connection between organizations that extends beyond conventional communication. Our services look beyond social media and encompass strategic digital communication, web-based marketing, and the adaptation of technologies that complement traditional and online methods of interacting.

Event Management

Bayan Tebyan understands that the right event is one of the most prominent platforms for an organization of any kind to communicate its messages with the utmost effect. Events can translate a vision into reality by directly engaging the respective target audience with a memorable brand experience. At our clients’ events we align all forms of marketing and communication within a single space, allowing personal interaction to reach its peak, whilst ensuring that each point of contact enables the delivery of the respective strategic messaging.

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